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'Why Anyone With a Thyroid Condition Should Avoid Extreme Calorie Restrictive Diets'

Calorie restiction, especially long-term, can decrease your metabolism, increase cortisol levels, and result in thyroid hypoactivity (decreased thyroid function).

Once this happens, your body needs time to repair its metabolism. The body must learn that it will receive the fuel it needs, consistently. This trust must be built before you can lose weight.

*There is research showing that women who restricted calories to 1200 kcal/day showed markedly increased levels of cortisol. Chronically high levels of cortisol in the body can result in a number of symptoms including weight gain (especially in your mid-section), severe fatigue, and high blood pressure.

** THE 'O' IS ONLY 800-1000 CAL/ need about 1400 cal/day for normal body functions.

*Extremely low-calorie diets, are associated with a decrease in total and free T4 and T3. (the hormones associated with thyroid function).

From these studies that have been done on calorie restrictions effect on thyroid function, it is safe to assume that low-calorie diets negatively affect thyroid function, and may possibly cause hypothyroidism.

Reverse T3 is considered an anti-thyroid hormone....

When your body is put in crisis from calorie restriction, your body will make more reverse T3. You WILL feel symptomatic and you will feel the symptoms of hypothyroidism. 

**So even if your T3 levels are normal, it doesn't matter because reverse T3 will block its effects. 

Things that cause you to increase rT3 levels are illness, not getting enough calories, and excessive cortisol (stress). RT3 slows down metabolism and its theorized to aid in survival.

When you stop calorie restriction, reverse T3 can go down, but not quickly. (it can take time), and this is why about 99% of people regain all of their weight back and more after stopping a diet. 

The earlier people start dieting in life, the greater their weight struggles will be over their lifetime.

The one BIG piece of advice I can give right now is to FIRE YOUR DIET!! Then go out and find a skilled 'real food focused', Health Coach.. to start the healing process and work towards maintaining a healthy weight. *This advice is for anyone who has gained all their weight back, and then some, too.

**** I find it highly negligent for commercial/fad diets to offer their programs to someone with a known thyroid condition, or other chronic health issue. There is so much research confirming all that I have shared with you above, that even offering these programs to those with thyroid issues shows that they are money driven, not health driven.

The harmful effects of calorie restriction is not hypothetical...there is REAL REASEARCH confirming this.

**I know from personal experience that all this is true...bloodwork doesn't lie. The 'O' program caused my cortisol to rise dramatically and my thyroid numbers were off. I have had thyroid cancer twice and my thyroid numbers have been perfect since first getting on the right dose of meds many years ago. My doctor was extremely concerned about my numbers after doing the 'O' program.... these shifts in my numbers could possibly cause my cancer to recur. This is the hard truth of getting on programs where the only requirement to be a coach is that they are breathing. Even worse is many of these programs are said to be developed by Doctors....shouldn't they know better?


'Be well from the inside out!'

~Coach Suzanne Penn

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