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Today my FB Challenge started; women's 30 day fitness challenge! Yes, as a coach I want to get other people motivated and healthy, but honestly I needed to get myself motivated! It has been over two years since I seriously exercised due to a weight loss program that did not encourage working out because the provided calories could not sustain working out with it.

God freed me from that weight loss program, and of course I gained my weight back, even eating healthy... My metabolism was tanked.

Moving forward to today..

I seriously wanted to back out of exercising today but decided to just turn on the video.... In the back of my mind I thought, 'well I could just watch it if I don't feel like doing it'. LOL Well I DID IT! And I LOVED IT!

Now don't get me wrong, I could not keep up, and I modified the majority of it! But it felt great, to not only move my body and focus in on the Lord, but it felt great to just be ME! I stopped when I needed to stop, I didn't care if I was doing the move exactly as they were doing it, I didn't care if they were on the right and I was on the left, all I cared about was enjoying the moment! It is probably one of the best workouts I've had in my life because it was totally in FREEDOM! Freedom in my own abilities, freedom in my body, freedom to just do what I could do! No striving, no agenda! Such a sacred time!

~Coach Suzanne Penn

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