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The Trap of Competition

"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself".

Etta Turner

Most of us have been brought up to think we are in competition with the world. We are taught there are winners and losers. We have people convince us that if we aren't in competition with every other human, then we aren't motivated and lack determination.


I am here to tell you 'competition' is damaging and dangerous, and very much a distraction in most situations.

If you are playing a sport or a boardgame, then competition makes sense, but when every aspect of our life becomes a competition we are on a slippery, destructive slope.

Where did we get so off kilter with competing?

Maybe it started in your youth...'why can't you be more like your sister'...' why can't you be more like the neighbor kid'....'If you don't apply yourself better everyone else is going to pass you by'; and I could go on with the examples.

What is unhealthy competition?

When winning becomes the only source of satisfaction, you know you have a problem.

When we link our worth or sense of accomplishment based off of 'beating' or 'being better' than another, we will be left feeling empty.

Comparing yourself to others is only going to lead to frustration.

Competition will leave you feeling 'less than' most of the time. It overtakes your thoughts, steals your peace, and distracts you from what you really are trying to accomplish.

Have you ever heard the phrase 'compating apples to oranges'...when you compare yourself to anyone, that is what you are doing. We were all created differently, and are beautifully unique. No 2 people are the same in their gifting or purpose. I worked as a nurse, but no 2 nurses are the same...we had different personalities, skills, and specialties. If I would have focused on the other nurses, I would not have been the nurse I was.

The only competition is with yourself....becoming a better version of 'you' each and every day!

"An original is worth more than a copy." ~Suzy Kassem

When you stop competing in life you become more focused on the direction you are going you can avoid obstacles with skill and make real progress.

Stay in your lane!!

As long as you have a competing and comparison mindset the longer you will believe you are not enough.

Many of the people who have done the most profound things for our world were people that weren't considered that great at the time. Put your energy into running after your dreams, staying focused on what is in front of you, even if you can't really see it clearly yet.

When I stopped competing/comparing, I started living! In my younger years I always felt everyone was better than me, and I was not good enough. It held me back for so long.

You are no help to anyone if you are crippled and stuck on the sideline.

So often my lack of confidence paralyzed me.

We must remember a diamond was once a piece of coal.

Stepping into my calling and purpose has brought so much joy to my life! It has also helped me build great friendships! I get to cheer other women on, lifting them up in what they are called to do. It is so freeing and gives other women permission to live free too! Too often in this world women compete, discourage other women, cut them down, and are unable to show an ounce of joy for the other person. We need to change that dynamic. We need each other more than ever!

What competitive nature are you holding on to? Is comparison or a lack of self confidence bringing out the worst in you? Is that helping or hindering your life and your relationships?

I challenge each one of you to speak life into another woman today! They are not your competition but your comrade!

Be bold and beautiful in what God has called you to!

~Coach Suzanne Penn

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