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The Scale is a Bully:

"No, the scale does not know it's a bully. It does not intentionally try to hurt us, but let's be honest, it does.

We put so much of our worth in that number that pops up on the scale.

Truth is, usually we don't need to step on a scale to know if we have gained or lost weight... We already know. So what purpose does the scale really serve, except to taunt us. It really plays with our minds.

Many months ago, I decided to quit the weight loss plan I had done. I wanted to get back to eating whole foods and developing healthy habits that would last. In that process, I begin to put on weight, though I was eating healthy. I was weighing myself at least once a week, or more. After I had gained about 20 plus pounds back of the 30 lbs I had lost, I decided to change the timing of my eating. Still eating the same amount of calories my body needed, but gave my gut a rest from digesting food for a longer period of time. So 4 months ago I weighed myself and put the scale away for a month...when I weighed myself the next time, I had gained several more pounds, but guess what..... My body composition had changed. Though the number on the scale had said that I had almost regained all of the 30 lb I had lost, I was still able to wear most of the clothes I wore when I was thinner. I had gained more muscle and lost more fat! So what did I do, I put the scale away and have not gotten on it again.

Can I just tell you how freeing it is to not step on that scale. I am loving my size and how I look! Even when I was thinner I never really loved what I saw. I feel more amazing than I ever did at 30 lbs lighter. I look healthier I feel stronger, and I I'm empowered!. The scale had stolen that from me.

Don't get me wrong, there are some people that step on the scale and it does not affect them, but I think there are more people like me... where the number on that scale affects them mentally.

Here's the thing about a scale....

The scale does not tell how awesome you are.

The scale does not show your worth.

The scale does not tell the story of how someone brought life into this world.

The scale doesn't tell how hard your situation might be in life right now.

The scale doesn't say how intelligent you are.

The scale doesn't say how talented you are.

The scale doesn't say how kind you are.

The scale doesn't say how loving you are.

And the scale doesn't say how fierce you are and how you never give up!

All the scale does is tell you what your gravitational pull to the Earth is at a given time.... Which by the way, changes minute by minute.

Let's change things up! Ditch the scale for awhile...or forever

Most people know if they are at a healthy weight or not.

What I saw during my time in this weight loss program was the scale leading to people losing too much weight, many looking less healthy than before, me included.

When I finally stopped fussing about the number on the scale, I had true freedom and have gained true health. I'm not saying I will never step on the scale again, I probably will at some point. But that scale will not dictate my behavior. I know when my clothes are getting tighter or looser, and whether I feel better or worse. Let's start paying attention to the natural cues instilled in our bodies.

The scale is a bully, but you are in control, put the scale away for a while. You will be glad you did! "

~Coach Suzanne Penn

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