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Staying Hopeful Through The Storms

I know I am not alone when I say I have trudged through some crazy storms over the years.

But I am proof that through hope in God I have continued to overcome!

There are rainbows and sunshine ahead!

Through the past 13 years of ups and downs I have learned a lot, grown a lot, and gotten stronger.

In 2010 my world was rocked by a diagnosis of thyroid cancer, but prior to that I had 5 years of struggling health and doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with me. I am a perfect example of advocating for yourself and trust that your body does give warning signs when things are off.

After my 2nd diagnosis of thyroid cancer in 2011 and progression of my hereditary eye disease, conedtstrophy, which led to legal blindness, I had to leave my financially stable nursing career to enter a season of an unknown future. What I did know was that God had my back!

Over the years following my job loss, God has led me to various trainings and opportunities that I would have never chosen on my own. Christian fitness, Christian yoga, and most recently Christian Health Coaching.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy road and being a Christian entrepreneur is even tougher....the enemy definitely doesn't want me to succeed... BUT GOD is bigger!

My Christian yoga ministry/business was doing well. Through Christian Yoga my relationship with Christ was propelled in ways I couId have never imagined. I was able to do what I loved in my church, with beautiful ladies God placed in my life! I was able to share the Gospel in a new and beautiful way! I was doing Kingdom work!! But then COVID hit, and it all ended abruptly. When the pandemic finally passed and I approached my church about starting classes again I was informed that they were focused on Bible Study....I was a bit confused since ALL my classes had a devotional and were Biblically filled....but what I was doing was looked at as recreation. I went to God to see where He was leading me.

I moved to online classes and had tremendous support....until I didn't. All it took was a couple people with no real knowledge of Christian Yoga speaking against it and soon every lady in my online group from my church dropped my classes. I was devastated, but believing God had a plan since He was the one who had brought me to this. Christian yoga brought me so much closer to God and my calling, it is no surprise that the enemy wanted to derail it....he will even use other Christians to do it if he can. I remind myself that the Christian leaders in the Old Testament said Jesus was demonic and blasphemous and ordered His crucifixion. I guess what really consumed me was a feeling of being abandoned. I didn't understand how people who knew me seemed to forget I would not be involved with anything that would be against God....God is my everything!

But even in that God revealed He had more for me as He led me to Christian Health Coaching and rekindled my online Christian Yoga numbers are much lower, but God reminded me that He brought me to this and my obedience is not to this world but to Him! He reminded me that my obedience in what He called me to is most important and that I need to leave the outcomes to Him.

God reminds me that He does not abandon and that He is building me to be who He created me to be. He definitely continues to build my Faith muscles.

So here I am continuing my online Christian Yoga classes and now working to build my Christian Health Coaching business/ministry.

I'd rather go down with the ship that God navigates than sail with the misguided.

I don't know what the future holds, but I do know this....GOD'S GOT ME!!

I am excited to see where God takes me. God has been really working on my Grace muscles too. Helping me in loving my church family even if they don't necessarily support my endeavors. I love those ladies who were once in my Christian yoga classes. He knows where He is taking me and I need to just follow and take action when He directs me to take action.

In the meantime God keeps placing beautiful Christian sisters in my life who are the best encouragers and support system.

The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy and I refuse to take part in his games. I love my church sisters. I refuse to participate with the feeling of abandonment and will dance in God's shower of goodness.

Whatever you do, don't give up on your calling....though the enemy tried hard to derail me, God is BIGGER!! Blessings! God's got you....keep moving forward in your purpose/calling!


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