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So much has happened over the past 2 years, and things only seem more chaotic from day to day. This can play havoc on our emotions, mental state, and physical state. During this time I've heard from so many about gaining weight and their deep desire to lose weight. So many are leaping into the next big diet that comes along. What if we stopped reaching for the diet food and started reaching for the 'SOUL' FOOD! The 'soul' food is the only food that will ever truly sustain us and calm are weary souls! Don't get me wrong, eating healthy and having healthy habits are important things, but we often get it twisted... Thinness and health are not the same thing.... And often what got us into this state has nothing really to do with food, and mostly to do with our emotions, mood, and things seeming out of control. Only God will bring true healing, true comfort, and true peace to us! He is the creator of nutrition, so why would we not run to him first! Get your SOUL FOOD and leave the diet food on the shelf.

~Coach Suzanne Penn


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