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Small Plate, Big Life!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

So often I hear people say, I am so busy, I am too busy, I am overwhelmed, I am stressed out. I have learned over the last couple of years, that a smaller plate makes for a bigger life!

In 2019, I was burning the candle at both ends. I left little to no margin in my day, week, month, year...

And then it happened, I started saying 'no' and started letting go. I was using a huge plate for too long. I was piling my plate so high, things were beginning to fall off... my house was getting more cluttered and dirty, my devotion time was hardly happening, I felt chaotic internally, my gut health was crumbling, and I was pretty stressed most of the time.

When I started to remove things from my huge plate I started to feel I could breathe easier, I felt lighter! Don't get me wrong, this was a process, it did not happen overnight. And I still have to remind myself not to over pile even my small plate

When you have so much goodness piled on your plate, it is pretty hard to figure out what to take off the plate.

The 2020 pandemic actually took the decision making off of me, because that was the year that almost everything was taken off my plate. I felt like that person who dropped their plate of food after going through the buffet line.... I got very depressed and was not seeing the gift hiding in it.

2020 was the year I started on an agressive health Journey.... One of the best pieces of advice I have obtained through this process is using a smaller plate. A smaller plate means less food I could pile on, which in turn meant less weight on my body. Realizing how amazing that little change made in my health journey, I adopted that concept for my life as well.

I decided to start using a smaller life plate. Being more selective about what I add to my life plate has made the quality of my life enhanced. I'm learning to say 'no' more, and realizing I don't need to have an excuse or an explanation for saying 'no'. I have learned that good things become bad things when they cause dis-ease, and feelings of stress and overwhelm.

I now feel like I can breathe again! My joy has returned, my house is in better order, I can think more clearly, and the quality of my life has improved greatly!

I have learned that quality of life is way more important than quantity of life. Putting too much on our plate makes us less effective in the things we do and less available to the ones we love. I have learned I can't do everything and when I try to do everything, nothing ends up getting done.....and if it does get done it isn't done well.

Isn't it time all of us start using a smaller plate and living a BIG LIFE?!

An amazing life is just a small plate away!

~Coach Suzanne Penn

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