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Reach Your Goals: uncensored

Reaching your goals is possible!

This world would have you believe that you need some magic formula or potion or portion control faux food product. The world would have you believe you only have to follow some program some self professed guru doctor created as the answer. The world would have you believe that rapid weight loss is safe and sustainable. The world would have you believe that eliminating entire food groups is the answer. The world would have you believe that exercise is not necessary and possibly holding you back. I will say this as nicely as possible...IT IS ALL A LIE!!

We are following an earthly concept for a Divine process. Who knows us best? The created or the creator?

God made fact we were made in His image. God has provided all we need, yet we still think manufactured food is the answer.

God created our bodies to function in balance and when we become imbalanced our bodies will fight to return to a balanced state again.

The Concept of Equilibrium;

*Day & Night

*Up & Down

*Hot & Cold

*Wet & Dry

*High & Low

*Hard & Soft

*Movement & Stillness

*Large & Small

*Tall & Short

*Deep & Shallow

*Asleep & awake

*Hungry & Full

*Stop & Go

And I could go on!

When we do anything extreme, it will trigger an extreme response, which is often harsh. Our bodies will fight to get back in balance.

Rapid weightloss diet programs (even though they will try and say they aren't a diet) cause extreme responses in our bodies...many of these responses are unpleasant and possibly downright dangerous.

After coaching for one of these kind of diet programs and experiencing the negative consequences of rapid weightloss...and seeing the negative effects in many of my clients...I knew I needed to stop the madness.

I trained at the Christian Health Coach Academy and became a Certified Christian Health Coach.

As a Christian I had allowed God in all aspects of my life, except weight management and overall health. I have always left that to what the world says I should be doing...but NO MORE.

God created this body and I should be caring for it His Way!

Slow and steady wins the race!! I am digging for diamonds and walking away from the fools gold. I will no longer give my money to wolves in sheep's clothing. There is a better way and it is His Way!!

As a 'Gods Way', Certified Health Coach I get to journey with others to find sustainable weight management and health. I focus on whole foods, while allowing for occasion al treats along the way. I help clients learn to love themselves and respect this body gift that God has given them. I help clients understand why their struggle is not their fault, and how to overcome!

I am a HOPE dealer and Wellness Warrior!

I offer private coaching, challenges, and soon will offer group coaching.

If any of this resonates with you, reach out. Don't settle for less than what God has for you. Kingdom treasure is waiting for you to discover it. I've got the map! Let's do this together!!

Coach Suzanne

**If you are interested in becoming a Certified Christian Health Coach yourself. Head to this link for a tour and sign-up!

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