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Pushed Into The Dirt, Growing Into My Purpose

"I couldn't help but think about an unfortunate incident that happened last week. My disappointment was overwhelming. I felt like my actual soul was under attack and that I was being buried in the dirt.

Something hit me today...instead of feeling disappointed, I actually should be feeling grateful. That incident was the best thing that could have happened to me, for me to grow in my God calling and purpose. Immediately after the incident I felt the pressure release from my body, mind, and Spirit.

Just like a seed needs to be placed in the deep darkness of the dirt to grow, that is exactly what I needed.

After the incident, I felt like a seed that had cracked, and then it happened... a root was forming, to obtain all the great nutrients I needed to grow.

I immediately got on task....I felt like a seed in the warmth of the sunlight.... calling me out of the darkness!

God knew the blessing this incident would brint for my growth. I have pushed through the dirt and I am reaching to the sky.

A radiant bloom is coming in this...just as God intended. " ~Suzanne Penn

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