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No Longer Traveling Alone


Years ago there was a period of time where I set up camp in a place far from God. I never stopped believing, but I was not on a faith filled journey with Him. I was made to travel , but I was not created to take this life journey alone; none of us are. Since breaking camp, I packed my Divine luggage and headed on an amazing adventure. How little did I know the transformation that was about to happen.The exotic places I have traveled with the Lord; places in my heart and mind I could have never reached without my Holy Tour Guide! The things I have done, the memories I have made...none of it possible without God being first in my life. I am a traveler; embracing the journey with my creator. I don't know what He has planned for my future, but I know I will never travel alone and I have a suitcase full of Divine treasures!" ~Coach Suzanne Penn

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