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New Found Freedom

I have been self conscious of my looks since my tween years. I carried that with me for many years (I will be 49 yo this year). Back then and into adulthood I never really felt I was pretty and would go to great lengths to 'try' and be 'acceptable'. One of the ways I 'tried' to make that happen was with makeup. I spent so much of my youth unsatisfied with the girl looking back at me in my mirror. There was never really a time I wasn't critiquing myself...when around other girls I was often jealous of how 'pretty' they were. I spent a lot of time thinking about what about me needed 'fixing' and how I would attempt to 'improve' what was 'wrong'.

I have worn make-up pretty much everyday since. Even when I had my thyroid cancer surgery, I got up from my hospital bed to put on my makeup...sick, I would put on makeup...nowhere to go, I would put on makeup (someone might stop by)...going to the beach or the pool, I would put on makeup. Basically if I thought there was any chance another human might see me...I put on makeup. My self image has certainly improved over the years. I look at pictures of me when I was younger and wonder how I could have possibly thought I wasn't pretty. Funny how that is, but I grew up reading 'Seventeen' magazine, Cosmo, etc.Then as you get older you realize how off your self-image perception was.

But yesterday...June 7th, 2021....I woke up, it was so hot...sweating like crazy 1st thing in the AM, and I just decided NOT to put on makeup. It must have been a Divine intervention because I didn't even think twice about the decision. Yesterday I was literally SET FREE!! I didn't feel 'less than' anyone, I didn't spend the day focused on my looks or wondering pif my makeup needed touching up (since I had none on). I just enjoyed the day, enjoyed the people I was around, and wasn't so concerned that I was sweating like crazy from the 90 degree+ heat. And guess what, I didn:t die. LOL In fact I got a lot of compliments. Who knew that I would improve my life when I stopped hiding behind the makeup! It is awesome to be free to enjoy life and to KNOW I am God's masterpiece!

Here I am enjoying Day 2 of my New Found FREEDOM!!

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I truly believe that inner beauty is reflected onto our outer self. Sooo many people worried about their appearance yet neglect their inner self and don't grow. Yes, you are beautiful just as God made you!

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Thank you for your kind words! Blessings to you!

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