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Lose 20 lbs by Yesterday

Okay... that obviously sounds rediculous, yet when these weight loss companies tell us we can 'lose the weight' forever', somehow we believe it's possible. I fell for it.

I made a good bit of money promoting the 'progran' too....but resigned after the bad effects of the products on my body and the horrible way I was treated by some in my upline. The coaching culture definitely did not align with my values. Here's a peek into what I experienced:

We were told not to say the name of the program unless it was in a phone call doing a so-called 'Health Assessment'...Which almost everyone is recommended to go on the plan that will require you to purchase the most product. (I guess they think if they can get you on the phone, they have you...though they will say it is so you don't end up on the wrong plan...but almost everyone ends up on the same plan.

New clients get super excited because the first week you lose a big chunk of weight, and then they pounce.... they get the client on the phone with 'the closer' to kindly inform you of how much money you can make as a coach....and of course, don't you want to help the people you love get healthy too? (Insert eyeroll here). They will review how things are going with the client so it seems legit.

The goal before a client

even gives their credit card info to sign up is to quickly snag them as a they start planting that seed during the health assessment. Because who is going to stop coaching if they are making a bunch of money? ME!! And coaches usually continue to buy the food...because you can't represent well if you are gaining your weight back. The practices are very predatory, as they encourage coaches to 'friend' large amounts of people on facebook daily, as well as comment on people's page so those people will hopefully see more of their stuff. They want you to message alot of people as well, 'to build relationships'. (Insert another eyeroll).

I have seen flat out lies where they will provide graphics for social media that say a discount has never been done before, when I know for a fact they have. There is nowhere in the Bible that says we are allowed to lie, manipulate, and stalk people if we think we can help them with an issue.

Meetings online were always about money, getting more clients, getting more coaches...while the people at the top clean up.

I can only imagine the horrible health implications for people years from now.

I sure had enough health issues just using the product over a year. (Full plan for 3 months and continued using product for my snacks after that).

The only way to keep the weight off is to continue eating their food...though they tell you, in your initial call before signing up, that they will teach you to eat healthy and not have to eat their food forever, but they don't and you do...and why would they help you get off their food completely, they make no money if you stop eating their products.

I have heard 'coaches' for the program talk about what they won't eat in front of others ...but they are eating the 'forbidden foods' in to keep up their image. They have even done challenges for the coaches to lose weight....if the program is so sustainable, why would the coaches who report they have lost all their weight on program need to do that?! And it was just before a get-together where lots of pictures would be taken.

How can a program that tells you 'not to work out' be a health program...the truth is, the program offers so few calories, if you would workout you would probably fall out....and your metabolism would slow, keeping you from losing weight.

Gut health is super important to our health, yet these manufactured foods are destroying your gut matter what the company says and of course the company talks about how wonderful the program is, and of course the people selling the products say how wonderful it is (though when I came out about the bad effects of the program for many people reached out telling me about their issues too)....the company and 'sales agents...aka-coach,' are making a lot of money. T.hey are going to support the company no-matter.

I have seen manipulative practices and flat out lies in the organization...scripts so they can control...and attack you when you have different views....sounds like a CULT to me. People are so blinded by the money. I had a lot of clients and none of them have kept the weight off without doing something else after the program.

I am healing my body with REAL FOOD, and truly learning to live healthy.

This program cured me from ever doing a fad diet again.

Sign up at your own risk, but you have been warned. The only thing you will lose that will stay gone long term is your money.

Keep your money to buy REAL FOOD, buy local and organic as often as you can.

These programs give the appearance of health...the problem though is on the inside....what you can't see IS hurting you. Remember, most of the people selling these products have no nutrition, health, or wellness training. They don't know how the body really know who does....GOD! Eat what He created for us to have a long and healthy life!!

You deserve the best....and that is what God did for us....gave us the best.

~Certified Christian Health Coach

Suzanne Penn

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