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Life Lessons From A Fly

So the other morning while in the car, there was a fly that seemed to be trying to get out....buzzing in the window. Several times I opened the car door to allow the fly to leave. I even tried to guide it out at one point, but it continued to stay against the glass just buzzing buzzing buzzing. It reminded me of how we can be in life.... We are so focused on the barrier, or the things that are preventing us from achieving our goals, that we never move on to the freedom and the abundance that's right in front of us.

Instead of focusing on the barriers, focus on the path to freedom, Joy, and the life you want to live! Life was meant to be lived outside the window! 🌼Suzanne Penn

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Yes yes yes and AMEN! Thank you for your obedience to share this good & timely word!

Replying to

I am so glad it spoke to you! Blessings to you!


Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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