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How Do You Envision Your Healthiest Life? Letting Go of The 'Why'

"The trend these days is to ask people what their 'Why' is for doing (fill in the blank)...

'Why' do you want to lose weight?

"why" do you want to go back to school?

"Why' do you want to stop (insert something you are trying to quit or eliminate here)?

'Why' do you want to get healthy? Etc.

The 'Why' question is not a bad question in and of is our response to the 'Why' question that is often the problem.

All too often we are doing things for other people, or for reasons we have no control over, or for things that will only motivate us short term.

Let me explain what I mean by sharing responses I have heard to 'Why someone wants to lose weight':

*I want to look great in a bathing suit.

*I want to be able to play with my kids and/or grandkids.

*I want to lose weight for my upcoming vacation.

*I want to fit in my wedding dress.

*I want to lose weight for my reunion.

*I want to feel better.

*I want to come off of medication.

*I want to lower my blood pressure.

*I want to lower my blood work numbers.

*I want to look good for my spouse.

I could go on and on.

These 'Whys' are good reasons on the surface, but that's the problem...they only touch the surface.

What's going to happen when bathing suit season is over, the kids don't want to play with you anymore, the vacation is done, the wedding has happened, you feel a little better, you come off the medicine, your blood work looks good and you lowered your blood pressure?.....Now your motivator has been eliminated.

Sure, there are some that will remain motivated, but I have seen time and time again where motivation dies once people reach their 'Why' goal and they return to their old ways of life.

This is why I like to ask clients deeper question; how their healthiest life would look? How would their life be different? What would they do that they can't do now? What is the BIG motivator...the long term motivator. Then the short term 'whys' become stepping stones on the journey...not a final destination.

I want my clients to have ongoing motivation.

Lifestyle change and long term success are possible...and I love that I get to walk with people on their journeys!!" ~Coach Suzanne Penn

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