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From Dormancy To Awakening

"I have so many wonderful entrepreneurial friends! But lately I've noticed a common theme...feeling stuck, at a standstill, not progressing, not performing as they think they should, etc. It's really got me thinking, we expect ourselves to constantly be in a blooming and producing state.

Even Jesus needed rest, but somehow we forget this. He even commanded us to observe the Sabbath. He talks about stillness and rest.

Let's talk about dormancy...

This is the state of being temporarily inactive or inoperative. (Webster's Dictionary)

We recognize dormancy in nature....we are more like plants than you might think.

Dormancy is a period of rest, which helps plants (AND US) gear up for a season of growth.

This is a time to conserve resources, survive extremes and stress, and to prepare for the next season of growth.

Then we will grow new, which will allow the SONshine to nourish us; so we can grow and be fruitful!

We need a period of dormancy in order to Bloom again!

There may be a time when we just aren't getting enough SONlight hours...we may experience dormancy to help us reconnect and have faith in all He is doing in us.

During this time of being dormant you may feel your business, ministry, purpose, etc. is dying, but really you are still hard at work....doing the INNER work to get you ready for the burst of growth you are going to experience in God's perfect timing! You will conserve energy to nourish your roots, as well.

The truth is, if you don't go dormant or have a time of rest, you may not have the resources to grow and bloom as God intended.

Allow yourself to rest and recharge to prepare for a new season of growth!

If we are content and cooperative with the dormant season, we will have healthier roots... even if our calling and purpose looks dead.

Your Spring is coming....cling to the Lord as you go through your winter.

Just as a plant needs a season of dormancy to be it's best and abundantly fruitful, we too need the season of dormancy at times.

Your vibrant awakening is coming!!"

~Coach Suzanne Penn

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