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Fighting A 'Losing' Battle

Fighting A 'Losing' Battle

We want to lose weight, lose cellulite, lose scars, lose uncomfortable feelings, lose waiting, lose aging, lose responsibility, lose obligations, lose anything hard....and the list could go on.

But in trying to lose all of these things, we end up losing: our joy, our life purpose, our sense of accomplishment, some relationships, our peace, our contentment, our motivation, our sanity, our hope, appreciation, love, kindness, and possibly our faith.

We truly lose when we make fighting a 'losing' battle our consumes us, leaving nothing behind but a deflated, empty version of ourselves....our original design becomes unrecognizable.

There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to lose the things listed above, but when our pursuit of fighting the 'losing' battle leaves us battered and broken, it is time to connect with The Divine and discover all we have to gain by the renewing of our minds...which can only happen through Him!

I became so obsessed with losing weight last year and I said yes to things that did not fully align with my God given mission and purpose. I, in a sense, sold-out for a quick fix instead of sustainability. I lost who I was and in the process grew increasingly depressed, as my body continued to shrink. When asked, what I was doing to lose weight, things became weird due to organizational proccesses; though in my heart I knew I should just be completely open with people....but I was also trying to follow the business model laid out for me. I kept drinking the kool-ade to meet someone else's dream and lost more and more of who God created me to be. And the more I immersed myself in that life...I was losing the life God had prepared for me...and ultimately my time with Him became less and less. I sold the farm and gained a poop pit ....and was losing sight of the pulpit. The financial gain became less attractive when I was losing priceless ME.

I am discovering that when I am able to stand up for what I believe in and not compromise, better things come along. I have realized that losing weight and hitting the scale number I 'thought' I wanted only caused me to lose way more of myself than just some fat.

I have regained 20 of the 30 lbs I lost and I feel amazing mind, body, and Spirit; living as my true self! I am becoming more content in life since that experience...I got what I thought I wanted and in turn it brought me misery. What I was looking for could never be found on my scale, in my clothes size, or with my measurements. Everything I was looking for was right there with me all along....THE DIVINE...Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!!

I have regained my sense of self...even more than before. I have gained peace! Did I learn anything helpful in my business venture and weight loss journey? Absolutely! Some things I could have only learned by this experience. It wasn't a mistake or failure in my life, but instead is a stepping stone.

Now instead of aiming to 'lose', I aim to GAIN...and not gain by worldly standards, but Kingdom standards. Instead of focusing on losing weight and being in a smaller clothes size, I focus on a "Healthy' body, "Healthy' mind, and 'Healthy' Spirit' within! And I am back on track with my mission to help others do the same!

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it....and lose so much more in the process. (When it isn't your true calling).

God gives us life to the full...but if we continue to follow this world, we will only be fooled. Lose anything that separates you from God and living the life He designed for you to live. Some of those things may even seem like good things at surface level. You will always win with God!

God specializes in the abundant life!! More than you could dream or imagine!

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