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Back To Basics on Your Health Journey

Are you tired of eating the same boring and unhealthy prepackaged meals to lose weiggt on your health journey?Are you tired of giving up fruit and some veggies...and give up your favorite dessert on your health journey?

Are you tired of paying out large amounts of money each month for untrained guides?

Are you tired of gaining your weight back when you don't continue eating the frankenfood? Well, then I am your girl!

As a recovering commercial diet minion, I am here to tell you there is a better way. There is a way to have sustainable weight management without selling your soul. I have helped clients break free form the chains of commercial diets and diet culture mindset. I have helped clients believe in themselves again and realize healthy food does not have to be the enemy. Helping them see that food doesn't have to be their master.

God created food to provide nourishment and sustain life. When us humans believe we can do it better than God, we are decieving ourselves.

*Do you want to learn to love yourself again? I help with that!

*Do you want to love food again, instead of fearing it? I help with that.

*Do you want to know health God's way? I help with that.

**Are you ready to break the cycle of inner chaos rapid weight loss programs bring? I help with that.

*Do you want to live your best life? I help with that!

Hi, I am Coach Suzanne. I walked away from a large commercial diet programs 2 years ago and never looked back. I am a Certified Christian Health Coach and a Coach Mentor for the Christian Health Coach Academy. I help women break free from diet culture and learn to love themselves from the inside out. I am here to tell you..YOU CAN DO IT! Lets take this journey together!

Reach out! Let chat about your dreams and see if what I offer is a fit for what you need!

Set up a connection call:

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